100% Cotton Energy Saving Washable Carbon Heating Mat
• (2023-24 Season) upgrade with carbon fiber  • 100% pure cotton • Block electromagnetic waves (EMF) by using a non-magnetic heating wire • Completely washable - always comfortable with hygienic management • Light and easy to fold and move • Temperature can be adjusted by...
$269.00 from $169.00
70 Watts Energy Saving Carbon Heating Mat
• (2023-24 Season) upgrade with carbon fiber  • Energy efficient - using 70 watts energy and stay warm same as all other mats • One-person mat perfect for single use • Reinforced life waterproof function with ultrasonic technology • Cushion feeling that can be used...
$205.00 $155.00
Aller Clean Microfiber Washable Carbon Heating Mat
• (2023-24 Season) upgrade with carbon fiber  • Zero electromagnetic waves (EMF) • Allergy-free • Both sides can be used as a single-sided mat • High-density fabric prevents house dust mites from passing through • Size:  Single (71 x 27.6 inches) /...
$269.00 from $219.00
Carbon Ondol Floor Carpet Heating Mat for Living Room
• (2023-24 Season) upgrade with carbon fiber  • Carpet mat for using in living room • Size:  Medium (72 x 55 inches) / Large (72 x 98.5 inches)  
$385.00 from $335.00
Gaehwamong Premium Ocher Infused Heating Mat
• (2023-24 Season) upgrade with carbon fiber  • It can be used as it is given by the warmth of ocher • Maintain the temperature for a certain period of time without electricity with a large amount of ocher ceramic balls of about...
$399.00 from $349.00
Heated Vibration Massage Mat
• Vibration massage, kneading massage and thermal massage functions at the same time • Intensive massage for various parts • Cool and relax the muscles of the whole body • 20 vibrating massage balls in the head - 9 automatic massage functions • Mat and...
$239.00 $189.00
Ice King Premium Cooling Mat
• Powerful 3-way circulating waterfall water cooling method provides quick and even hot/slow/circulation/circulation of cold water • Made with a high-frequency adhesion method, it is comfortable without pushing, leaning, or exhausting. • Completed non-detection test for children's textile products (nonylphenol, lead,...
$169.00 $99.00
Love in the Forest Warm Water Heating Mat
• Natural circulation hot water mat without a motor • No electromagnetic waves due to natural circulation • Quiet and comfortable all night long • In case of Queen/King size, custom heating with individual temperature function (left and right) •...
$349.00 from $299.00
Microfiber Energy Saving Heating Mat for 3 Seater Sofa
• Energy saving type heating mat - perfect size for a 3-seater sofa • Convenient to move and store • Various uses such as dormitories, shops, hospital beds, sofas • Soft and thick cushion feeling with brushed microfiber Velboa fabric • Size: ...
$129.00 $79.00
Multipurpose Heating Blanket
$189.00 $159.00
Multipurpose Heating Blanket
• Blanket without worrying about electromagnetic waves (EMF) • Controller automatically shuts off after 15 hours of use • Washable blanket • Energy saving product • Size: 60 x 50 inches    
$189.00 $159.00
[* New] Aerosilver Carbon Heated Mattress Pad - Far Infrared Carbon Heating Mat
• The 3rd generation heating mat equipped with the new technology for 2023-24 winter season • Wicking Fabric • Complete electromagnetic wave blocking by adding carbon heating wire to non-magnetic heating wire • Only 5 minutes to 90 degrees to feel...
$269.00 from $169.00
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